Beltron Telecom signs Letter of Intent with Bilcare

June 29, 2011

Beltron Telecom signs Letter of Intent with Bilcare

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Beltron Telecom sees Bilcare's nonClonableID™ technology driving major revenues from Government & non-government projects in developing States of East & North-East India

Pune, June 29, 2011 – Beltron Telecom, promoted by Bihar State Electronics Development Corporation Ltd, a Government undertaking of Bihar State engaged in providing public utility & renewable energy products & services in the State of Bihar has signed the MoU defining and detailing the Business Letter of Intent (LoI) with Bilcare Technologies, a business of Bilcare Limited – a research and technology leader focused on creating next-generation anti-counterfeiting, security and brand protection solutions.

The collaboration will enable and address the diverse needs of security, and secured e-governance in state Governments and non-Governmental projects undertaken by Beltron Telecom for the States of Bihar, Jharkhand and the States of North Eastern region of the country. As per this alliance Beltron Telecom will use Bilcare's unique nonClonableID™ technology in its initiatives related to secured e-governance and security projects ensuring utmost security and creating immense value proposition for its customers. Beltron Telecom eyes significant revenue growth from this alliance.

Mr. Ramesh Kumar, Managing Director, Beltron Telecom, said, "Bilcare's nonClonableID technology is a path-breaking invention which has the potential business landscape of Rs 8,000 to 10,000 Crores in the security and secured e – governance space. We, at Beltron Telecom are very encouraged about the new business opportunity arising out of this very crucial strategic collaboration with Bilcare and we are very confident that this technology will translate into additional new business revenue of Rs. 200-250 Crores in the next 2-3 years for Beltron Telecom and Bilcare."

He added "Beltron will now be able to offer revolutionary outcomes in the secured e-governance and security space by combining Bilcare Technologies' nonClonableID™ solution with Beltron Telecom's own execution expertise and strength."

The combined strengths will result in positive impact for initiatives not only in the government sector but also in the private sector wherein Beltron will make possible, the fail-safe securitization of people, products and systems, and help create a safer and secure environment in the states of Bihar and Jharkhand in particular and subsequently extending it to the North-eastern states.

Bilcare Ltd (BSE: BI, CODE: 526853) through its key business unit, Bilcare Technologies has pioneered the only one of its kind nonClonableID™ technology which it has developed over ten years of intensive research and represents the state-of-the-art in physical security. The technology has been used to successfully secure a wide range of items from automotive parts to museum artifacts and form Agro-chemicals to fool-proof ID cards including those used by the Delhi Police and by the special security force of a large Asian country.

Dr. Praful Naik, Executive Director of Bilcare said "Bilcare continues to work on proliferating the effective deployment of its novel nonClonableID™ technology solution in both the government and private sectors by collaborating with key leading organizations and government enterprises like Beltron Telecom to ensure that the customers get most advanced and customized relevant solutions, which are robust, scalable and cost effective."

He added, "The partnership with Beltron Telecom will see Bilcare's technology being used in a wide range of crucial projects under Beltron Telecom's leadership and we are confident that this partnership will help provide the best security solutions to Beltron Telecom's customers and facilitate accomplishment of Beltron Telecom's core objective of providing public utility services of immense value".

Bilcare technology is fully established to fight the challenge of menace of fakes, spurious & counterfeits and help enhance security, besides increase in sales and profit margins. The technology is already being used by one of the largest auto component manufacturer in the world and is in advanced deployment strategy for providing anti-counterfeit and track-n-trace solutions for pharmaceuticals and consumer goods".

The technical team of Beltron Telecom did a detailed evaluation of the various technology solutions and observed that most existing identity-authentication and anti-counterfeiting technologies had limitations. Being generic in nature, the counterfeiters are able to figure them out within 9-12 months after deployment of such technologies.

However, Bilcare's nonClonableID™ fingerprints are distinctly exceptional as they cannot be duplicated, not even by Bilcare. The unique ability of nonClonableID™ to enable reliable object and/or subject authentication on a real-time, anytime-anywhere basis along with comprehensive securitization of the supply chain, facilitated the decision process at Beltron Telecom to partner with Bilcare and pursue initiatives in regions under its focus to create maximum value for our customers.

About Bilcare Technologies:
Bilcare Technologies is a business unit of Bilcare Ltd. - an international, integrated, innovation-led solutions provider to varied industrial segments including the global pharmaceutical industry and the government sector through its state-of-the-art Manufacturing and Research facilities in India, Singapore, USA, Germany, Italy and UK and regional offices in Brazil, Germany, & China.

With breakthrough research and development in micro and nanotechnology, Bilcare Technologies has developed a first-of-its-kind technology - nonClonableID™. The solution enables products to be authenticated as they move through the supply chain to the end consumer.

Bilcare Technologies has manufacturing facilities in Singapore and India and application support centers in the UK, Italy and USA. It also leverages on the global network of the Bilcare group to provide sales, marketing and implementation support throughout the world. Bilcare is firmly committed to helping its clients accomplish their business goals, whilst protecting their brands against counterfeiting.

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