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Clinical Labelling

Bilcare GCS provides full labeling services for your product in line with global regulatory requirements.

IN-HOUSE LABEL GENERATION with on line 21 cfr compliant vision system & PRODUCTION

  • Single & multi-panel
  • Single & multi-lingual
  • Randomized & open
  • Sequentially numbered
  • Variable Text

Next-gen Anti-Counterfeit Labeling Solutions

Counterfeiting has become the biggest nuisance of modern times. Counterfeiters have come up with newer tactics to produce fake counterparts of luxury items, consumer goods, electronics items etc. Even pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries have not been able to deter counterfeiting. However, in sensitive industries such as these two, counterfeiting can be a serious issue. Fake medicines or other clinical supplies can pose a grave danger to a person's health. The existing anti-counterfeiting technologies are not effective enough to keep counterfeiting at bay. With breakthrough research and development in micro and nanotechnology, Bilcare Technologies has developed a first-of-its-kind technology - nonClonableID™. The solution enables products to be authenticated as they move through the supply chain to the end consumer.

Bilcare nonClonableID™ Technologies (nCID)

Our nonClonableID™ system comprises of tags with a unique materials-based "fingerprint" that is prohibitively difficult to replicate. These can be seamlessly integrated into any supply chain system, and through the use of Bilcare's reader, one can provide secure authentication of any product. The solution provides a comprehensive anti-counterfeiting solution that also enables secure Track-n-Trace, leading to e-Pedigree of the products across the supply chain – from manufacturer to consumer.

This technology innovatively exploits micro and nano-particulate materials together with their optical properties to provide a foolproof authentication solution.


This technology is capable of identifying and effectively deterring counterfeiting in packaging and labeling of CTMs. Thus, the supplier as well as the end user is assured of the genuineness of the material and its authenticity. For more info about this technology, please visit