Formulation Development

Formulation Development is one of the core services that Bilcare GCS offers. In a fast growing and highly competitive pharmaceutical industry, the importance of excellent Formulation Development services cannot be undermined. Effective delivery and viable manufacturing are the two parameters that greatly determine the commercial and clinical value of your pharmaceutical product. We at Bilcare GCS understand the challenges faced by pharmaceutical manufacturers at various phases (I to IV) of formulation and pre-formulation. Hence, we are better equipped at minimizing false starts and incompatibilities that can hamper optimum formulation and processing conditions.

Our expert team, coupled with innovative techniques, 'state-of-the-art' facilities and impeccable R&D services, presents some of the best formulation solutions to our clients. Our domain knowledge and experience in Regulatory services alleviates unforeseen challenges in any phase. This helps us in attaining our prime goal of 'speed-to-market' and minimizes cost for our client.

Bilcare GCS offers customized formulation development services to assist clients in identifying the best form of delivery and the most viable manufacturing strategy for their API.

  • Clinical supplies manufacturing.
  • Blending and encapsulation.
  • Over-encapsulation and blinding.
  • Phase I-IV development and reformulations.
  • Placebo manufacturing/comparator supplies.
  • Develop ethical and over-the-counter products like tablets (normal and controlled release), powders, liquids, sterile dosage forms, Inhalers, suspensions, emulsions, creams and ointments, lotions etc.
  • Develop line extensions.

Pre-formulation studies are the basis of a successful formulation. It impacts the selection of an Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API), and the formulation process that follows. Bilcare GCS offers extensive pre-formulation studies relevant to establishing and advancing optimal dosage forms.

Dosage Forms
Physical properties Product characterization Chemical compatibility and reactivity to packaging substrates Accelerated degradation Excipient compatibility studies

Bilcare GCS provides a range of technical support services to help achieve your clinical trial goals and troubleshoot or improve existing products.

Technical Services